A Funeral is NOT a DAY in a lifetime; it is a LIFETIME in a day.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is one of the hardest things that anyone has to do. To be able to pay tribute how you want to; in the way you want to makes it the Ceremony that you want

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal
Love leaves a memory no one can steal. 

Often people have the traditional type of funeral as they are not always aware that there is an alternative. Increasingly more people are using a celebrant to conduct the Funeral Ceremony of their loved one as it brings choices and a uniqueness that traditional ceremonies cannot offer.

Are you aware that you can choose your own celebrant? 

Your Funeral Director won't ask if you would like to choose your own; they will automatically provide one for you.  So now you know you are able to choose.  From the onset I will work with you; I will come to you to have a face to face meeting, we will talk about what you want.

At the heart of a Funeral Ceremony is the ‘Life Story’ of your loved one; this is often referred to as the eulogy. We will sit together and talk about the life of your loved one, the special people, dates, places and their history. A true and reflective ceremony that you are happy with.

You can have choices regarding the style and content of the ceremony; the readings, the verses, the tributes, the music and who speaks and when.

Family and friends are encouraged to speak if this is what you wish; I will always be there to support them if they require it during the ceremony.

Don't cry because it's over. 
Smile because I happened. 
You are able to incorporate prayers if you wish too or not.


In addition to Funeral Ceremonies, I offer a bespoke Memorial Ceremony if you find yourself in this position. Sometimes family prefer a quiet personal Funeral Ceremony, then have a Memorial Ceremony afterwards.

It is less formal and stressful than a Funeral Ceremony but is still a time for family and friends to Celebrate the life of a loved one. I can work with you to give you a truly unique memorial ceremony.

A Memorial Ceremony can take place in a favourite location, your home or your garden making it much more relaxed and informal. Tributes, readings, verses can still take place.

Plan Your Own Funeral
Have you ever thought about Planning your own Funeral Ceremony or as we like to say your Celebration of Life?

Have you ever imagined what music you would want to be played at your Celebration of Life?
Have you ever thought what you would like people to say? How you would like to be remembered? 
Do your loved ones know enough about you?
Do you want a theme?
Do you want a prayer or a hymn or a song to be sung?

All these questions......... These are the questions that your loved ones will be asking each other and; they might not know the answers.  

We might make a remark in passing; 
"Oh I want to be cremated"....... but did you say where you wanted your ashes to go? 
"I want a burial"....... but where do you want to be buried?

There are so many questions that are unknown because we don't feel comfortable talking about our death especially to our loved ones.
Why not plan your own Ceremony of Life? That way you get what you want and your loved ones know they've got it right.

Pet Funeral Ceremonies
If you are wanting a Funeral Ceremony for your pet this is something I can offer you. We will meet up to discuss and decide exactly what you want.

If your choice is to include family members, readings, verse, poetry or music, we can do this.

Together we will create the Funeral Ceremony that you want for your pet.