Baby Naming Ceremonies are fun and exciting; they are very special occasions that you have created just for your child or children as you can name more than one child at the same time if you wish too.

You may decide you want hold a Naming Ceremony if you adopt a child or step children are joining your family. any siblings can also be included in the Ceremony.

You choose your child’s mentors, supporting adults or guardians; how you name them is up to you and how many you have is again up to you.
You decide the promises or pledges that you want to make to them.

The venue can be where you want to it to be, obviously practically it has to work. The Ceremony can even be in your own home or back garden; how intimate and personal is that.

The possibilities are endless........

The Ceremony can have the choice of additional ceremony elements if you wish.

Naming Ribbon; A ribbon is loosely wrapped around one of your baby’s wrists then around the wrist of everyone that you want to involve, parents, siblings, mentors, grandparents or guests; you decide.  It is finished around the other wrist of your baby creating a circle. Your baby is then named.

Petal Shower; Different coloured petals are chosen by mum, dad and anyone else they want to be involved in this ceremony. As each person makes a promise or pledge to your baby they will shower your baby with petals. 

Meanings of the coloured petals will also be incorporated. 
Your baby is then named.

Unity Sand Ceremony; 
 Each person you chose; it is usually mum and dad, then siblings or mentors or grandparents etc will have their own coloured sand. The sands of the individuals are blended together to enforce their commitment to your baby and the family unit therefore creating a unique blend of sand for your baby.  Your baby is then named.

These are just brief summaries of some ideas there are plenty more. You may even have an idea yourself.

Let us together create;

A Meaningful Unique Ceremony That’s Just For You.