Your Wedding Day is one of the most important occasions in your life. It’s a time to Celebrate your love and commitment to each other in the way that you choose too.

Traditional Weddings whether church Ceremony or registry office Ceremony are entrenched with traditional rituals, words and music; much of it is the same for everyone and this is not always what everyone wants.

No longer are we compelled to have the ‘Traditional Weddings’. If it’s not what you want why have it?

When you choose a Celebrant to conduct your Ceremony it means you get to choose everything.

There is a freedom of choice that is being recognised more and more; no longer are weddings how they used to be; increasingly more couples are wanting something different, inspiring, unique and a reflection of them.

Something that you have always dreamt about could become reality; with imagination there are few limits.

What we will do together is create:
A Meaningful Unique Ceremony That’s Just For You.

There are so many options and choices;

Choice of venue; a location that you only dreamed of; a place where you met, or your first date or even where the proposal was.
Choice of readings, verse, poetry by family or friends.
Choice of music and where during the Ceremony you would like it to be played.

Choice of vows, you can create your own personal vows that have depth and meaning to you both
Choice of timings; your Ceremony can be as short or as long as you wish.
Choice of when you want your Ceremony to be, in the morning, afternoon or evening? There are no limits.
Choice of additional Elements that can make a Ceremony go from beautiful to spectacular.

Additional elements can include:

Breaking the Glass Ceremony; Two champagne flutes (or wine glasses) are placed in a cloth bag on the floor. After a countdown the couple together step on the glass’s breaking them. The formal part of the Ceremony is over and it’s now time to celebrate.

Broom Jumping Ceremony; The Broom Jumping Ceremony is based on a tradition of the clearing away of any negativity to create a threshold for the couple to cross over into their new life together. The couple jump or step over the decorated broom.

Guest Flowers; As your guests enter your ceremony venue they are given or they take a flower from a collection. Or you could ask each guest to bring a flower as their gift. As the bride walks to the altar, she will stop to collect the flowers from guests assembling a bespoke community bouquet.

These are just brief summaries of 3 different elements; there are many more.  

See my menu for more options

The formal bit here; you must ensure that to be legally married you visit a registrar to obtain your marriage certificate. This is something that as a Celebrant I am unable to do.

Some couple choose not to ‘legally’ marry while others will go to the registrar for the formal part either before they have their Ceremony or just after. There are no time conditions attached.

Some couples may choose to get married abroad so they may have another Ceremony for family and friends when they return home.

The choice is yours.